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State Properties Corp : Versailles Village Alabang For Sale
Unit Type For Sale Price Area(sq.m.) Notes
Adelaide ₱ 25,276,687 - 34,299,532 LA: 240 sqm / FA: 228.62 sqm
Amelie ₱ No price available LA: 240 sqm / FA: 239.78 sqm
Sophie ₱ 25,505,236 - 34,528,081 LA: 240 sqm / FA: 226.85 sqm
Antoinette ₱ 27,955,644 - 36,978,489 LA: 120 sqm / FA: 271.64 sqm
Therese ₱ No price available LA: 240 sqm / FA: 193.63 sqm
Elisabeth ₱ No price available LA: 240 sqm / FA: 254.44 sqm
Diana ₱ 35,519,649 - 46,350,756 LA: 240 sqm / FA: 373.69 sqm
Payment Options
Payment Scheme Term Notes
Bank Financing
Reservation: Php 100,000
Downpayment: Flexible payment terms
Balance: Thru Bank
In House Financing
Reservation: Php 100,000
Downpayment: Flexible payment terms
Balance: Thru Inhouse financing (Rate: 8%/10%/13%)

The Versailles Village Alabang has a smart road network with chic lamp posts keeping pedestrians well-lighted at night. In addition to an elevated property, the Versailles perimeter is even raised higher than street level making safer from flooding. Additionally, the property has an efficient underground drainage system to enhance its capacity to handle the heavy downpour of rainwater even during a strong storm.

The property is considered the safest in the metropolis against flooding. Furthermore, all of the site’s electric cables, communication lines, and cable TV facilities are buried underground. The community has uninterrupted water supply line from underground systems run by well-maintained pumps and accessories. The sanctuary is also equipped with standby generators for emergencies. Most of all, your new home in Alabang is secured 24 hours a day where its gated entrance is guarded round-the-clock. Furthermore, the project’s inside and outside perimeter are checked and secured by roving guards any time of the day that boosts security. The security outpost is equipped with a highly sensible intercom system that maximizes security.

If you have this kind of haven in the metropolis, you will be glad that you put your investment here. In this regard, you don’t just secure your family’s future, you also make them physically and mentally safe, including your precious property.

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